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Allergy to dusts and pollen is not life a threatening Ragweed stems disease, but it can certainly affect daily activities and make you miserable. We treat allergy with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine only several times a year during the hottest and coldest days. Most people get good results, and some experience relief relatively quickly.


Headaches and migraines are a common symptom of patients who come to our clinic. The holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine is well suited to deal with chronic headaches since they are frequently just a symptom prompted by other health issues.

April 2015 - Mr. M, age 44, came to the office complaining about a regular headache which he had been experiencing for more than 2 decades. He explained that the pain is in the back of his head, the neck, right shoulder and spreads to the chest in front. He consulted many doctors and hospitals. The final diagnosis focused on "thoracic outlet syndrome;" the recommended solution, remove the first rib. The patient was extremely hesitant to pursue this option and in desperation visited our office as a last resort prior to the surgery.
      After a careful examination and thorough exploration, we observed that the pain followed the line considered in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as the gallbladder meridian. Further investigation found that this patient had previously lost a necrotic gallbladder which had been surgically removed years ago. All the information indicated that this patient's more than 20 year-headache was caused by liver and bile duct disease and not caused by neurological disease. After treatment of the liver and bile duct condition with TCM herbal medicine and acupuncture, the patient's headache stopped. He said "I have never felt so good for more than 20 years".

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June 2009 - Ms. M. visited our clinic half a year ago suffering from headaches which woke her up at three o'clock every morning. Her headaches were accompanied by blurred vision, and she experienced fatigue. Ms. M was using large quantities of pain medication. She had been experiencing this kind headache for more than 10 years and it had become worse in recent years. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal teas were administered for six months. Ms. M. no longer takes any pain medications, is energetic and the headaches have disappeared.

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Heart Disease - Chronic Heart Failure

Usually patients with Heart Disease or Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) seek out a cardiologist for help. Even though conventional medicine offers powerful medications for the disease, a patient may still not feel comfortable and explore Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to strengthen the body. Treatment by Chinese Medicine may actually eliminate the need for conventional medications.

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2014 - Heart Disease - Chronic Heart Failure Mr. R, age 50, came to our office complaining about palpitation. Since he did not have any health insurance, he could not afford to go through all the conventional tests for heart disease. Before he came to our clinic, he did take medications for hypertension, but the medications made his palpitation worse, and his blood pressure increased even more. He had to stop all the medications and searched for alternatives.
      We noted that Mr. R. had an irregular heart beat, for every three beats there was one premature beat. He couldn't sleep flat and coughed frequently. His legs were swollen below the knees, and he had very poor appetite, fatigue, insomnia and slow urine flow. He looked very pale. We suspected he had heart failure.
      Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture were administered and performed for three months. Mr. R. is now free of fatigue. He sleeps well at night and can sleep flat. His urine flow is much stronger. The swelling in his legs was reduced to slight swelling in his feet. His blood pressure stays near the level of 130/80. During the whole treatment period with Traditional Chinese Medicine, he did not take any conventional medications. Mr.R's substantial improvement prompted him to introduce his wife to our clinic for treatment of longtime suffering from asthma.

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Heart Disease - Arrhythmia

2014 - Mrs. H, age 61, supported by her husband came to the office with severe dizziness and nausea. The dizziness was so severe that she couldn't stand up by herself. After examination, we found that she had a very irregular heart beat with heart murmurs. She told us that she had had this arrhythmia for years and could not remember when it first started. Her irregular heart beat was always accompanied by chest fluttering. Consistent with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the description and symptoms correlated with an "excess of fluid". After treatment using Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine to reduce the excess fluid, the patient's heart beat returned to normal and the dizziness has never come back.

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Hot Flushes, Hypertension, Bradicardia

March 2015 - Hot flushes, hypertension (high blood pressure), bradycardia (abnormally slow heart action) Mrs. C, age 66, came to our office in a tank-top during 20 degree winter weather. She was so hot that her face was quite red. Her blood pressure was 189/95 and blood pressure medications did not help. Her doctor referred her to our office for help. After careful examination, we found that her bodily energy flow (Yin-Yang in Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM) was out of balance. We needed to adjust the Yin/Yang; we used Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Mrs. C volunteered that she was experiencing wonderful relief. Within the first week of treatment her hot flushes stopped, and her blood pressure dropped to 119/78. At the same time, she benefitted from a welcome weight loss of about 2-3 pound per week. Her heart rate, however, was too low at 48 to 50. Her doctor ordered a monitor to determine the need for a pace maker. Fortunately, after we adjusted her food, her heart rate climbed back to 70.

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Some of our patients had given up all hope of ever becoming pregnant. We have been successful in helping them achieve pregnancy using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Pair of lilies auggesting happy couple with buds in background suggesting children

April 2009 - Ms. M. although married for several years, had not been able to becomet pregnant. When she reached the age of 38, she decided to make some efforts to become pregnant. She heard our office can help infertility patients, She came for a try. During the first month's treatment, Ms. M. noticed her blood pressure dropping from an average of 145/89 to 130/76 although she did not achieve pregnancy.
      After another six months of treatment, her blood pressure was normal and she stopped all the blood pressure medications. But at this time, her husband was ready to go abroad to perform military service. His overseas stay lasted for over a year. Ms. M. thinking of her age and her husband's absence, decided to freeze her eggs for later use. However, during her husband's absence, Ms. M. decided to continue her treatment for her blood pressure. Months later, her husband returned for a break for only one week. To her surprise, just after her husband left, she found herself pregnant. Now, Ms. M. has a beautiful and healthy baby.

6/24/2009 - Ms. P, age 34, had a very happy marriage. However she did not become pregnant. At the time she experiened fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. Based on a gynecological check up, she was advised that she had less than a 10% chance of becoming pregnant without assistance. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was recommended since her sisters also experienced infertility issues.
      Because of the headaches, she came to our office for treatment. After several months of treatment, her headaches were gone and she also felt more energetic. When summer vacation came, our clinic suggested that Ms. P should attempt to become pregnant without assistance. Not only would she avoid IVF but also save money. She arranged a relaxing trip to Europe. Upon her return, her first stop was our office. She announced that she had become pregnant. Her gynecologist was amazed by the news and recognized the effectiveness of our treatment. One year later, mom and baby are happily enjoying another summer vacation.

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April 2015 - Mrs. M, age 55, with a breast carcinoma, was being treated with radiation daily for 7 weeks. During the radiation treatment, the patient developed shingles. Numerous red blisters ran from the thoracic spine to left flank area. The pain was so intense that she couldn't sleep or engage in any physical activities. Her doctor prescribed antivirus medication. But the medication didn't alleviate her severe shingles pain. When she came to our office fsor acupuncture treatment, we worked to stop her shingles pain and curb the nerve damage caused by the virus. We compounded an herbal paste and spread the formula on top of the shingle blisters. The patient responded very quickly; the burning pain subsided in 20 minutes. Though the burning came back at night during the the subsequent three days, the intensity decreased gradually. Within 3 days the shingle blisters dried up and the burning pain stopped. The patient recovered without any nerve damage.

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Urinary Retention

We have had several urinary retention patients without signs of obstructive diseases. Usually, they went through various Flowing water in stream in woods conventional treatments without success. Frustrated, they came to our office for help. Urinary retention without obstructive diseases can be divided into "excess" and "deficiency" diseases in Traditional Chinese Medicine. With Acupuncture treatment and Chinese Herbal Medicine, most patients can pass urine without the use of catheters.

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